SmartCompliance Workplace Cabinets and Refills

SmartCompliance Workplace Cabinets and Refills
With three integrated components, SmartCompliance is easy to use, saves you money and makes sure your business complies with federal and state OSHA regulations for your industry classification.

Innovative Cabinet Design: A customizable cabinet that's easy to use, easy to restock and eliminates disorganized and missing supplies

SmartTab ezRefill System: A simple, effective system for restocking your cabinet. Noticeable black and yellow SmartTabs will remind you to reorder the supplies you're running low on. Simply use the information on the tab to reorder the correct supply.

Flexibility in Contents: Start with a base Workplace or Food Service cabinet, then customize the contents to your needs as supplies are used. Select from a variety of first aid supplies available in standardized boxes that slide easily into the cabinet.
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